ITTP TEFL is a scam

ITTP TEFL scam What is ITTP? It is his old scam. He used to have another scam just like TEFL online pro and Trusted TEFL reviews except then the sites were called ITTP and Search: neville tefl ittp You can see him telling the same story then about ITTP as TEFL online pro. It… Continue reading ITTP TEFL is a scam

Trusted TEFL reviews scam

Trusted TEFL reviews is a scam review site designed to promote TEFL online pro and deface competitors. It is supposedly run by a woman named “Mia Williams”, but that is Neville and you can see him on the home page recommending both TEFL online pro and Trusted TEFL reviews. If you start to search Mia… Continue reading Trusted TEFL reviews scam

TEFL online pro defined

This is the person who runs TEFL online pro, Trusted TEFL reviews and ACTEFLC. Mia Williams, Paul Murphy, Christopher Haines are all really Neville David Thomas. TEFL online pro is his online TEFL course where he scams new teachers into believing it’s more legit than it is. He uses fake reviews, fake awards, fake comments… Continue reading TEFL online pro defined

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