TEFL online pro defined

This is the person who runs TEFL online pro, Trusted TEFL reviews and ACTEFLC. Mia Williams, Paul Murphy, Christopher Haines are all really Neville David Thomas.

The man behind all of these sites and identities

TEFL online pro is his online TEFL course where he scams new teachers into believing it’s more legit than it is. He uses fake reviews, fake awards, fake comments and a fake accreditation.

Trusted TEFL reviews is a fake review site for online TEFL courses. This is where he writes many of his fake reviews. It is also where you will find his fake award called the “Teacher’s choice award” which was awarded to surprise, surprise TEFL online pro.

ACTEFLC is his fake TEFL course accreditation.

Here is recommending TEFL online pro. Source
Real reviews by real people? Here he is recommending Trusted TEFL reviews. Source

You will find many reviews for TEFL online pro on Trusted TEFL reviews since they are the same.

Meet Mia Williams (Trusted TEFL reviews)

This is Mia Williams (the person behind Trusted TEFL reviews)

As the 1st pic on this page illustrates that’s Mia Williams.

From a forum post on TEFL online pro

Meet Paul Murphy (TEFL Online Pro)

This is Paul Murphy (the person behind TEFL Online Pro)
  • TEFL Online Pro was created on 2019-03-11 https://whois.domaintools.com/teflonlinepro.com
  • Trusted TEFL Reviews was created on 2019-02-28 https://whois.domaintools.com/trustedteflreviews.com

Meet Christopher Haines (ACTEFLC)

This is Christopher Haines (the person behind ACTEFLC)

Articles on this guy:


What is ITTP? It is his old scam. He used to have another scam just like TEFL online pro and Trusted TEFL reviews except then the sites were called ITTP and teflonlinereviews.com.


neville tefl ittp

You can see him telling the same story then about ITTP as TEFL online pro.

It has been written and published that ITTP TEFL is a scam, that we fake reviews, that we are in control of TEFL review websites, and my personal name has been attacked online as part of this virtual aggression.

Neville on Medium

TEFLonlinereviews.com no longer exists so what does that tell you?

Here he is years later playing Paul Murphy saying something similar to that:

Quite recently, the latest attack came in the form of pretty absurd online posts that claimed the independent Online TEFL/TESOL courses reviews website trustedteflreviews.com is actually owned and run by us.


Sorry but from the record it seems that Neville and/or ITTP has been doing all the bullying here. And that is why I have been posting here on this blog. I can’t stand bullying and don’t tolerate it in others. Call it a weakness of mine.


Here is a search result for ITTP reviews.

“Get the trusted scoop on TEFL courses!”

Not that different sounding than his current scam site Trustedteflreviews.com.

Neville would relentlessly email us threatening legal action and he even visited one of the admin of the site at their flat in London after he got his personal details. He would call and text with legal threats. There were positive reviews popping up on the site for ITTP which we could not verify and were coming from IPs within Prague and any negative reviews he would threaten legal action for defamation.

The final straw was last week when he emailed about 20 times in the space of a week giving us a deadline or legal action and will be suing for $1000 every day (loss of one customer per day) his company was mentioned on our site. It is not worth our time to have him on there. His company is a hassle. Abroad Reviews receives over 400 unique visitors per day and the way we see it, he is not getting access to any of them. We would prefer no more emails on this from you, as we will not be changing our mind. You need to find another site. We realize what he is doing is wrong but we do not have the funding or time to keep dealing with him. We are tired of him.’


That’s how he gets away with his scam. He threatens people and bullies them to get the content removed from the web.

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