TEFL online pro accreditation scam

The man behind ACTEFLC, TEFL Online Pro & Trusted TEFL reviews

Is TEFL online pro accredited? TEFL online pro claims to be accredited by ACTEFLC, but ACTEFLC is a fake TEFL accreditation. TEFL online pro and ACTEFLC are run by the same person named Neville above.

You can see for yourself in the search results for ACTEFLC that the only brands talking about ACTEFLC are the ones owned by Neville: TEFL online pro and Trusted TEFL reviews.

See TEFL online pro and Trusted TEFL reviews above? Source

His fake ID on ACETEFLC is Christopher Haines

He’s got tons of fake names. Fake people that write fake comments, reviews and create fake awards.

This is his fake ID taken from Behance.

ACTEFLC claims that it accredits TEFL online pro, but it’s all owned by the same person.

ACTEFLC is all part of his scam to get new teachers to buy his course at TEFL online pro.

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