Meet Paul Murphy of TEFL Online Pro

Who Paul Murphy is really

Who is Paul Murphy of TEFL online pro? Paul Murphy is a fake name. There is no Paul Murphy. It’s all part of Neville’s scam (see above). You will see him use this name on TEFL online pro and any site he is pretending to be Paul.

Here’s an example.

Look how long he says he was the operations manager at TEFL online pro and compare it to when the site was 1st registered (2019)

Lies, lies, lies

Did you know he has a bunch of other fake names? Ever hear of Mia Williams of Trusted TEFL reviews? That’s him. Christopher Haines of ACTEFLC? That’s him too and many of the reviews and comments that you may have read on Trusted TEFL reviews or TEFL online pro were written by him pretending to be other people.

This isn’t his first scam either. He had another called ITTP TEFL.

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