ACTEFLC is a fake TEFL accreditation created by the same man that runs TEFL online pro. This accreditation sprung up over night and is mentioned on sites like Trusted TEFL reviews and TEFL online pro.

What do all 3 of these sites have in common?

They are all run by the same person.

So the thinking of this man might have went something like: “we need reviews so I’ll create a fake review site and call it “Trusted” TEFL reviews and then I’ll create a fake award (the “Teacher’s choice award”) and oh I guess that’s not enough so let’s create a fake accreditation too…”

There you have ACTEFLC.

It’s easy to do I’ll just copy other sites. One person pretending to be many calling himself Paul Murphy (TEFL online pro), Mia Williams (Trusted TEFL reviews), Christopher Haines (ACTEFLC) and many many others to be found in fake reviews and fake comments on those sites and others.

The real person behind those fake names is Neville David Thomas. And this isn’t his scam. Previously it was called ITTP TEFL. Fake reviews, fake id’s, etc. It was all very similar.

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